Ltech M8+M4-3A (RGBW)

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The Ltech M8+M4 pack is a complete standalone RGBW controller kit comprising of a remote control and a 3A receiver with a max output of 288w.  The M8+M4 is wireless and has a range of up to 30 meters. From the remote you can control the RGBW colour changing led strip along with saving scenes into the preset buttons. The M8+M4 controller is ideal for smaller runs of RGBW colour changing led(15 Meters Max XD60 RGBW)


Remote Control
Model M8
Working Voltage
3V Battery (CR2032)
Working Frequency 
433.92 MHz
Working Temp
104 x 60 x 9 (mm)
5 Years



Model M4-3A
Power Input 12-24Vdc
Current Load 3A X 4CH Max. 12A
Output Power 4CH @ 72w Each Max
Working Temp -30°C~55°C
Dimensions 135 x 30 x 20 (mm)
Weight 47g
Warranty 5 Years

Ltech M8+M4 Controller Datasheet 1.30MB   (download)