XD80 4.8W

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The XD80 4.8w led strip is the most efficient led strip on the market. Producing up to 768lm per meter at 4.6w the XD80 led strip is ideal for commercial and domestic applications. Colour's currently available are 2700k, 3000k, 4000k and 5000k. Rated life span is 60,000 hours which is twice the rated life of most other led tapes on the market.

The XD80 4.8W IP20 led strip has 500mm (0.5mtr) cable tails at each end of the led tape. The XD80 conforms to new ERP regulations and has a (D) energy rating making this particular led strip extremely efficient.

The XD880 is available for indoor and outdoor applications. Our outdoor IP67 version is made from a robust silicon which is made to last.


Voltage Input 24vDc
Available Colours 2700k/3000k/4000k/5000k
Max Power 4.8w ( 1mtr)
Lumen Output 768lm (1mtr)
Rated Current 0.225A(1mtr) / 1.02A(5mtr)
Typical Power 4.8w(1mtr) / 24w(5mtr)
Available Tape IP IP20 / IP67
ERP 2022 Rating
On-off Times 10000 (test times)
Warranty 5 years
Max Length 5000mm (5mtr)
Cutting Unit 8 Leds/ 62.5mm
LED Pitch 12.5mm
Min Bend Diameter 60mm
Mounting 3M Tape
Copper Foil 2oz



XD80-24-4.8W Datasheet 1.85MB   (download)

XD80-24-4.8W IES File 15KB            (download)