Ltech E6-TD1 Triac Dimmer

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The Ltech E6-TD1 Triac dimmer (leading edge) works in conjunction with most dimming requirements. The E6-TD1 can dim LED's from 6w to 300w Max. The finish on the E6 is clear glass and has a smooth dimming knob which results in a high quality finished product.


Control Type Triac Leading Edge
Input Voltage 220-240Vac
Output Signal 0-240Vac
Dimming LED's 6w to 300w
Maximum Load 300w
Working Temperature -20°C - +55°C
Dimensions  86 x 86 x 50 (mm)
Weight 180g
Mounting Type Semi Recessed
Warranty 5 Years


E6-TD1 Controller Datasheet 1.80MB   (download)