Ltech F4-5A Wireless Receiver

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The Ltech F4-5A wireless receiver works with the EX8 Series LED Controllers to produce the desired effects on your RGBW or Single Colour led tape. The F4-5A can run up to 480w Maximum. Several F4-5A can be programmed together to work with each zone on the EX series controllesrs. The F4-5A can run a maximum of 25 meters of the XD60 RGBW LED Strip. ( Note: each 5 meter reel should be connected in parallel and not in series.). 


Wireless Signal RF 2.4GHz
Input Voltage 5-24Vdc
Output Voltage 5-24Vdc
Current Load 5A x 4CH  (Max 20A)
Output Power 120w x 4 Channel ( Max 480w)
Protection Reverse Protection / Over Current / Short Circuit
Working Temp -20°C - +55°C
Product Size 175 x 44 x 30 (mm)
Weight 150g
Works With Controller EX8S (Sold Separately) 
Remote Available Q4 RGBW Remote (Sold Separately) 
Warranty 5 Years


F4-5A Receiver Datasheet 0.80MB   (download)