Ltech Q4 RGBW Remote

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The Q4 remotes is a 4-zone remotes with colour changing and brightness dimming functions. Colour and brightness is displayed with indicator lights. Within the effective range, Q series remotes are capable of connecting unlimited wireless drivers and keeping the effects in sync. Remotes work with drivers F4-3A, F4-5A, also E series touch panels and in particular the EX8S RGBW Controller.


Remote Type RGBW 4 Zones
Power Supply 2 x AAA Batteries
Wireless Type RF 2.4GHz
Working Temp -20°C - +55°C
Dimensions 162 x 42 x 15 (mm)
Weight 85g
Modes 10 Modes
Works With Wireless Receiver  F4-3A & F4-5A (Sold Separately)
Range 20 Meters Max
Works With Controller EX8S (Sold Separately) 
Warranty 5 Years


Q4 RGBW Remote Control Datasheet 0.86MB   (download)